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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Wyoming (WY)

Wyoming is becoming a boom state for petroleum engineering. Between readily available jobs and state of the art training facilities, it’s beginning to look like one of the better states for petroleum engineers and hopefuls to set down some roots. For example, in Casper, Wyoming alone, there are about 220 people employed as petroleum engineers. Their median income is $118,400 per year, starting. This is slightly less than all petroleum engineers.

Casper is only one city’s example. Active recruitment is going on all across Wyoming. In addition Wyoming has some of the best training facilities at their colleges like University of Wyoming. Students come from all over the world to learn at this state of the art facility taking away cutting edge technology and research ideas. The University employs 29 full time professors and current enrollment in the program is 75 graduate students and 500 undergraduate students. The benefit of being in such a big program is the sharing of big ideas. It is places like this where innovations happen.

The petroleum engineering program is a mix of physics, chemistry, geology and mathematics providing the versatility that gives engineer opportunities for employment in the field of petrochemicals and their extraction.

Petroleum engineers typically are responsible for identifying potential deposits. Thereafter they develop plans for extraction and implement them overseeing job sights and personnel. It is therefore of great importance to have training in geology and in conservation as well as management and personnel skills.

Petroleum engineering is a growing field with the potential for economic stability as petroleum is something we all rely on. Statistics from the Department of Labor indicate that those with at least a bachelor’s degree can earn a petroleum engineer salary in Wyoming of $114,080 per year. The field is also predicted to grow 17 percent by the year 2020.

With oil trade shifting and homeland resources in need of responsible development, a petroleum engineer will be a highly valued employee.

  • University Name
  • University of Wyoming
    Laramie, WY
  • Sheridan College
    Sheridan, WY
  • Western Wyoming Community College
    Rock Springs, WY
  • Casper College
    Casper, WY