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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Washington (WA)

Petroleum Engineering is a niche career and as such, can command a good deal of money when engineers are in need. Petroleum Engineers in Washington State can expect to earn petroleum engineer salary of around $65.00 per hour or up to $135,800 per year.

A petroleum engineer is trained to perform a wide scope of engineering activities. Obviously we think of them evaluating potential gas and oil reservoirs as well as overseeing drilling and extraction activities. However, as oil companies across the world own a disproportionate amount of super computers, being tech savvy is also a part of the petroleum engineers’ niche.

Depending on their specialties, they may also be involved with developing new equipment, putting to use mechanical engineering skills. One would not think of Washington State as one with a great need for petroleum engineers, however, there is a booming job market there.

Washington State University offers an excellent engineering college, which includes many of the facets that build the petroleum engineer. In addition it offers a business college which is important as another facet of most petroleum engineering is the financial analysis of each project. Engineers gauge the fiscal viability of each extraction project they work on and decide if the process is worth the time, effort, manpower and wages.

The University of Washington is another example of petroleum engineering colleges in Washington State that offers coursework in petroleum engineering. Their biosource engineering degree teaches “production of materials, fuels, and chemicals from renewable natural resources… subjects include natural products chemistry, biorefinery operations, papermaking, bioresource engineering, and bioresource design.” This emphasis on caring for renewing and bioengineering is helpful for the future of petroleum engineering.

It is because the petroleum engineer has to be competent in so many areas they are able to command such a high pay scale. Most of the project from design to implementation to sales depends on their broad knowledge.