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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Virginia (VA)

Before learning about Virginia petroleum engineering programs, let’s consider some facts about the state itself. This state, commonly called Old Dominion and the Mother of Presidents, is a prosperous state with over eight million people and markets in the way of agriculture, military and federal facilities, sea ports and other industrial and technological products. It is also a wealthy state, housing some of the top millionaires in the nation.

There are 176 colleges and universities in total and some of the most popular names include the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary and Virginia Tech. The Virginia Commonwealth University and James Madison University are also highly respected. In terms of technical and engineering training, many such as Virginia Tech, Blue Ridge Community College, Central Virginia Community College and DeVry University-Virginia are based in electronics.

Looking closer, however, you may find special interest degrees at schools like George Mason University in Fairfax which offers schooling in civil engineering, and Hampton University which offers chemical engineering studies. Old Dominion University also has several related subjects, including environmental engineering. The Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is another school to check out for environmental studies. Look up petroleum engineering colleges in Virginia as well as those related subjects, which may offer additional opportunities.

According to Indeed, a petroleum engineer salary in Virginia earns up to $105,000 per year. However, other sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics says it’s possible to earn up to $130,020 per year. The BLS also quotes 0.33 for employment per thousand jobs. Overall, the profession is scheduled to grow considerably until the year 2020, by 26% according to the most recent statistics.

Go back to school and ensure that you are seen by employers as valuable, knowledgeable and skilled—a graduate worth a top paying salary.

  • University Name
  • Virginia Tech
    Blacksburg, VA
  • Southwest Virginia
    Richlands, VA
  • Mountain Empire Community College
    Big Stone Gap, VA