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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Tennessee (TN)

Tennessee is actually a state closely associated with the arts and music, and everyone certainly appreciates Memphis’ contributions to the music industry. Even the tourism scene is thriving thanks to arts and fine-quality produce, such as distilleries and wine.

However, Tennessee is top producer in many other respects. After rebuilding from the Civil War era, Tennessee invested its interests in other products beyond agriculture, such as manufacturing, transportation, chemicals and technology. Citizens were delighted in 2012 when the state reported a $533 million surplus, one of only eight to report such a promising figure. The state also counts as residents movers and shakers of major companies like FedEx, Autozone, International Paper and Nissan of North America.

The state has an assortment of schools, among them private facilities, public campuses and specialized trade schools. The most notable names are the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Vanderbilt University, Rhodes College, and Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro.

When looking for petroleum engineering schools in Tennessee be sure to look for engineering schools that might also cover other fields of similar interest. For instance, there are many schools in engineering that offer helpful subjects like chemical or environmental engineering. Some schools to visit online include Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Lipscomb University in Nashville, and Tennessee Technological University.

The petroleum engineer salary in Tennessee can be up to $97,000 per year according to Indeed. Related fields earn slightly more, perhaps as much as a process technology engineer in refinery worker, who takes home $110,000. The state’s average is slightly lower than the national standard for this career. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does state the career field will continue to rise 26% until 2020.

For more information on petroleum engineering schools in Tennessee and courses that might be of help to you, contact your school of choice and start planning today!