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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges South Carolina (SC)

South Carolina is the Palmetto State and one of the most populous and ambitious states in the country. The state of South Carolina struggled with economy following the south’s fall to industry, but managed to bounce back with an over $153 billion dollar economy in the late 2000s. Among the major agricultural products of the state are tobacco, poultry, dairy, and textile goods. However, there is also a huge profit in chemical products, machinery and automobiles. Nearly two million jobs in the state are in a non-agricultural business. Furthermore, top companies are seeing the advantage in relocating to South Carolina because of legal concessions.

In terms of education, there is a huge opportunity here, with over 61 colleges. Some of the top names are the University of South Carolina, Trident Technical College and Aiken Technical College. However, finding the right technical engineering school requires paying closer attention to curriculum, rather than just name. For example, some colleges like Clemson University offer studies in agricultural, chemical and environmental engineering, whereas others like Midlands Technical College offer similar studies. In addition to petroleum engineering schools in South Carolina, be sure to check other schools that have related studies.

A petroleum engineer salary in South Carolina can reach as high as $103,000 which is nearly average to the nation. Different positions such as a reservoir senior engineer can make $182,000, which illustrates the importance of staying flexible in this industry. Indeed says that the state is only 1% below average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the Upper Savannah South Carolina nonmetropolitan area is makes an annual mean wage of $86,670.

Isn’t it time to go back to school to see just how much potential you have? Utilize your skills and find a market that appreciates your talents. Petroleum may be just the field you get your started in a more prosperous career.