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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges Pennsylvania (PA)

Pennsylvania is one of the most important US states for economy, as well as population and culture. Taking in $644 billion, it is the 6th highest grossing state in the country. It is literally the 18th largest economy in the world. Its main markets are financial services (home to numerous Fortune 500 companies) as well as banking agriculture, gambling, film and government. However, education is an entity all its own, with 501 public schools and thousands of private schools.

For that matter, Pennsylvania is a state proud of its education, as over 83% of its 18-24 demographics have completed high school and over 25% have gone onto a bachelor’s degree or higher. Some of the top schools in the state consist of Lincoln University (Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania State University, Temple University and the University of Pittsburgh. There is also an agency for helping students who are facing financial difficulty called the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.

The best option for petroleum engineering colleges in Pennsylvania would be engineering schools. There are 76 engineering schools and they can cover everything from software to biomedical work, so obviously, not all studies will relate to your career choice. However, scrutinizing the curriculum and looking for studies in environmental engineering, chemical and marine could help you out. There are actually two colleges that list petroleum engineering programs specifically by name. They are Philadelphia University and the University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus.

A petroleum engineer salary can be as high as $101,000 or higher, though it should be noted that the state average is 4% lower than the national average. In terms of money, you might be better off becoming a Reservoir Senior Engineer, as then you could make $178,000 per year.

Why wait? Consider all of your options and then make the “educated choice” for a higher education!

  • University Name
  • Penn State
    Univ. Park, PA
  • University of Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh, PA
  • Penn State Fayette – Eberly Campus
    Uniontown, PA
  • University of Pittsburgh – Bradford
    Bradford, PA
  • Douglas Education Center
    Monessen, PA
  • Lackawanna College
    Scranton, PA
  • Schuylkill Technology Center
    Frackville, PA