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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Oregon (OR)

One does not typically think of Oregon and Petroleum Engineering. There are no oil fields as in Texas or Oklahoma. Nor are there oil sands for extraction. What Oregon lacks in petroleum resources it makes up for in its Engineering.

Petroleum engineering schools in Oregon might include Portland State University, offering courses in Petroleum Geology; that is extracting petroleum from geo-formations. This is a growing field and is useful to the growing need for domestic petroleum production.

A lucrative career can be had by those whose interests lie in learning new technologies and areas of discovery for petroleum. Being a state that has had less petroleum production, Oregon has been on the cutting edge of finding ways to extract and mange petroleum in the new and evolving market. What you learn here will put you ahead in management, environmental concerns and researching new ideas and developments.

Job opportunities in Oregon for Petroleum Engineering in the field are low according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, teaching at a college level is highly sought after and lucrative particularly if one becomes vested. The petroleum engineer salary in Oregon is also impressive, averaging between $74,240 (the 10 percentile) and $186,520 (the 75 percentile).

Skills learned from studying the geology of the mineral rich state of Oregon and its volcanic areas are put to use in hiring outside the state to oil fields or exploration of new areas of operation.

Oregon’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean also accords specialized study for Petroleum Engineers interested in offshore drilling opportunities. A solid understanding of the ocean and its geology gives the petroleum engineer knowledge that is crucial to planning the massive undertaking of offshore drilling with all its inherit concerns like environmental impact and functionality as well as the massive undertaking of discovering geological formations undersea that would indicate the presence of enough petroleum to warrant an offshore station.

Oregon with its geological focus is a good place to begin your journey to becoming a Petroleum Engineer.