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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in New York (NY)

New York is one of the US’s most profitable states, and makes $1.16 trillion GDP every year, slightly behind California and Texas. It is the 16th largest economy in the world. Its major markets are in agriculture and livestock as well as industry, such as publishing, printing, scientific tools, electronics, machinery and chemical products. And in case you haven’t heard NYC is a world-popular tourist attraction. Despite New York’s Wall Street associations, it also imports and exports a number of goods, including minerals, diamonds, auto parts, oil, gold, natural gas and lumber, among many others.

New York State is very popular for education and some of the top colleges in the world are located in NYC or upstate. For example, there is the State University of New York, the City University of New York, the University at Albany, Binghamton University, the University at Buffalo, and other technical institutes such as the New York Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Syracuse University, and Cornell University.

New York petroleum engineering programs should be of the most interest to you, and there are 81 to choose from. Some of the best schools worth looking into might include Alfred University, Broome Community College, Clarkson University, and Cornell University. However, Columbia University in the City of New York is arguably the best option because it has one of the best reviewed programs specifically in the vein of petroleum.

A petroleum engineer salary in New York can make up to $126,000, which is 21% higher than other states. This is significant since New York is not only a heavy producer of petroleum and other resources but also has a high salary rate and a stable job market.

Success depends on how industrial you are as a student. Make plans to challenge yourself and climb the career ladder in an industry that matters!

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