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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in New Mexico (NM)

How much can you make in petroleum engineer salary in New Mexico? First, consider that New Mexico is an extensive and yet not densely populated state. Its major markets are tourism, federal government projects, and oil and gas production. The latter is of major concern to you, as a state’s vested interest in oil is often an influencer of the college curriculum and the general interest in the subject. New Mexico makes $80 billion a year and much of this comes from crude oil production as well as natural gas. Significant landmarks include the Permian Basin and the San Juan Basin. At least 10.2% is natural gas liquids, and 8.5% is dry natural gas.

This spells good news for colleges, including big name schools like Eastern New Mexico University at Portales, the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, Western New Mexico University at Silver City, and the New Mexico Highlands University at Las Vegas. In order to find petroleum engineering schools in New Mexico it’s a smart idea to look for engineering schools first, such as Central New Mexico Community College and the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Not only does this program cover petroleum engineering, but programs like chemical engineering, environmental engineering and nuclear engineering are also covered. The University of New Mexico-Main Campus also has related subject matter.

Your salary will depend on factors such as experience and skills, but the state average is $91,000, a lower quote than the national average, about 13% lower. However, the market itself seems stable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that there are between 300 and 1,050 employed petroleum engineers in the state, and that Farmington, NM is the one of the most important locations, given its 1.83 employment per thousand jobs rate. In Farmington, the annual mean wage was much higher—at $119,320.

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