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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Nebraska (NE)

Nebraska is state associated with extreme temperatures, and oftentimes weather, not to mention the gold rush of yesterday. It is still a major point in the country for farm, livestock and other agriculture.

Nebraska is an underrated US state that actually does great business. It has large produce for agriculture, as well as livestock and farming. It also handles freight transport, manufacturing, telecommunications, and information technology. Top companies housed in the include Kool-Aid, Berkshire Hathaway, Union Pacific Railroad and Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing. There is also a growing energy industry in the state, as it can now produce 3,011,000 GWh/year, a major increase from years past. It also is doing much in the way of advancing solar power via rooftop photovoltaics.

When it comes to education, it’s hard to ignore the biggest names in the state, which include the likes of Bellevue University, Clarkson College, Creighton University, ITT Technical Institute, Metropolitan Community College and Nebraska Christian College, among others.

Remember that in addition to petroleum engineering schools in Nebraska, you must also check out engineering schools, which cover related subjects. Engineering schools might include the likes of Central Community College, Mid-Plains Community College, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which has several study subjects like agricultural engineering, chemical engineering and environmental engineering.

The petroleum engineer salary in Nebraska is on average $76,000, about 27% lower than the national standard. Bear in mind however, that certain positions pay more than others. Engineers only receive $55,000 but project engineer midstream workers can get paid on average of $137,000. In general, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the profession is growing at a 26% rate, so this is relative to remember in comparison to salary.

Nebraska petroleum engineering programs may be just what you need to move forward and change your life for the better.