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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Mississippi (MS)

Mississippi is known as a beautiful state, and one possessing amazing scenery and plains. What though about the prospects for a steady career? Mississippi actually earns the lower amount of per capita personal income, but also has the lowest living costs in the nation. It is one of the many states impacted by the Civil War agriculture issue, not to mention heavy natural disasters later on. Besides agricultural products, the Mississippi of today actually has a few markets and economies supporting it, such as casino gambling, poultry, the arts and agriculture.

The top schools in the state include, among many, the Alcorn State University, Delta State University in Cleveland, the Meridian campus, Mississippi Valley State University, Coahoma Community College in Clarksdale and the Natchez campus. Private schools include Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi College in Clinton and Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson.

Before you examine Texas petroleum engineering programs, first take a look at engineering programs, which might cover similar subjects. For instance, Jackson State University, Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi have engineering programs, while Mississippi State University has a variety of studies, including chemical engineering, mechanical and civil.

Mississippi may not have as thriving a market as other states, but it actually pays its petroleum engineers well and above the average standard of pay. The average petroleum engineer salary in Mississippi for a year is $109,000 according to sources such as Indeed. The job position does matter, as engineers only make $78,000 but reservoir senior engineers can make up to $192,000 or more.

Why not transform your life today? Petroleum engineering schools in Mississippi is a lucrative career field and pays well, even in spite of state economy problems. In fact, the high demand for the industry may even ensure you get paid more than the national average. Inquire now about college possibilities!