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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Maine (ME)

Maine is the northernmost state in the northeast and sounds like something downright paradisiacal, with beautiful scenery, a low crime rate. No question, to actually see Maine and live in such a cool and serene environment is a must-have experience—and that explains the huge increase in tourism we’ve seen over the years.

Originally part of Massachusetts, Maine has since grown into its own economy, among the top in the nation. The most important markets are livestock, dairy and eggs, as well as commercial fishing and bottled water. In addition to natural produce, industrial markets include paper manufacturing, textiles, biotechnology and naval shipbuilding. Even top markets like leather and wood products illustrates how rurally-focused Maine is in economy.

Some of the largest and most influential schools in the state include Colby College, Central Maine Community College, Husson University, Southern Maine Community College and the University of Southern Maine. For engineering schools, which will be of interest to students seeking petroleum engineering colleges in Maine, some recommendations are the University of Maine, with environmental and chemical studies, as well as the Landing School of Boat Building and Design with its studies in marine engineering.

According to Indeed, the average worker makes $93,000 per year working as a petroleum engineer. Salary in the state can vary, however, between low paying jobs like petroleum engineer G (only $56,000) and $166,000 for a project engineer midstream. Other related jobs make more, such as a reliability engineer superintendent or an electrical instrumentation engineer. Overall, the petroleum workers in Maine make less than the national average.

Petroleum engineering programs in Maine are available, as this is one of the best states for high quality education and accredited coursework. Find out more about how to make a difference in your own life and in the world economy by going back to school.