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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Kansas (KS)

Kansas was another state important to the Civil War, and in fact, many battles were fought here before it eventually became a free state. Unlike many southern states, Kansas’ economy improved after the war, as immigrants were able to produce agricultural produce and return to farming. It continues to be a productive agricultural state today, and has a GDP of $122.7 billion. Besides produce the largest markets are industrial: transportation equipment, aircraft, chemical products and petroleum and mining. In fact, the state is 8th place in the entire country as far as oil production. While it hit a snag in the 1990s, production has remained active. Natural gas production has also declined somewhat, but it too remains a commodity of the state. There are quite a few major corporations set in Kansas including Sprint, Payless Shoes and Garmin.

When it comes time to search for Kansas petroleum engineering colleges, make sure to look beyond the top school names. True, the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, and Wichita State University are popular, as is Pittsburg State University. However, engineering schools might bring more value to your education. There are 30 engineering schools in total and some of them teach related subjects like mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering or chemical engineering. Schools of merit include Independence Community College, Kansas State University in Manhattan, and the Wichita Technical Institute. However, even some of the large universities do feel petroleum is important enough to teach in its own curriculum. The University of Kansas in Lawrence has a petroleum program by name.

On average, a petroleum engineer salary in Kansas amounts to $96,000, which is 9% lower than the state average. However, other jobs in a similar field can fetch more salary, such as a construction engineer working in a chemical plant, who can earn $117,000 by average.

Why not go back to school to learn a career that is only set to rise in the near and distant future?

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