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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Indiana (IN)

Indiana is one of the most populated states in the US, not to mention a profitable and large state in terms of land. The economy of the state is diverse and overall, it makes about $275.7 billion per year. The major markets are steel manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, chemical products, coal products, machinery and transportation equipment—obviously a hodgepodge of many different and yet related markets. It still also boasts many agricultural products in addition to a thriving industrial economy.

It is also an important state for fossil fuel generation, as there are 24 coal power plants, as well as other sources such as wind power, hydroelectric resources, biomass and solar power. In addition, natural gas, petroleum, waste, wood, geothermal and nuclear are all used for power generation. This is definitely a productive state in every matter of speaking. Popular colleges and universities in the state include Indiana University, Indiana State University, Purdue University, Vincennes University and the University of Southern Indiana.

There are 30 engineering schools in the state and these include the Indiana Institute of Technology in Fort Wayne, Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute. Petroleum engineering colleges in Indiana, as well as engineering schools in related fields such as environmental resources, machinery, marine or chemical, can also help you start a career path.

According to a petroleum engineer salary in Indiana quote, the average is about $100,000. It does seem as if states with active mining do pay less than the national average, probably because workers are more common and the more factories there are, the less the demand. Still, this is only 4% lower than the average and the industry is still on the rise nationally speaking.

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