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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Idaho (ID)

Idaho is rich in renewable energy resources. Natural gas is plentiful and the state’s production of energy producing resources is self-supporting. The job opportunities for Petroleum Engineers in Idaho are good. The job openings range from entry level on up and the pay grade is reflective of the specialty that is petroleum engineering.

Petroleum Engineers typically are responsible for identifying potential deposits. Thereafter they develop plans for extraction and implement them overseeing job sights and personnel. It is therefore of great importance to have training in geology and in conservation as well as management and personnel skills.

One college that offers courses to develop a Petroleum Engineering career in Idaho is University of Idaho. Undergrads can get a leg-up in Chemical Engineering, which will be required as a petroleum engineer. The Chemical Engineering Program is a mix of physics, chemistry and mathematics providing the versatility that gives engineer opportunities for employment in the field of petrochemicals and their extraction.

University of Idaho in Moscow is another example of petroleum engineering colleges in Idaho that offers coursework in the subject. Their program helps graduates specialize in designing and developing technology and methods for drilling to extract oil and gas. Graduates will find and create means to obtain either natural gas or crude oil from the ground, although crude is somewhat scarce now. Also, petroleum engineers explore discovers and create new techniques and technology to extract oil and gas all over the world.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics there were about 30,200 petroleum engineers employed around the world as of 2010. It is a highly lucrative and sought after niche job as there are many different facets to it and many things a petroleum engineer can do.

Why not make a change in your career and go back to school for higher education? There is plenty of opportunity waiting for you, and petroleum engineering colleges in Idaho can help you get started.

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