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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Georgia (GA)

Georgia may have a reputation as a pretty Ray Charles song, but it is actually one of the largest economies in the world, let alone the US. Georgia would still be the 28th largest economy in the world, even if seceded the union—which actually would be the second time in history that happened. Georgia has numerous Fortune 500 companies including Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and others, and also contains one of the top airports in the world.

Georgia booms in tourism, business, as well as other markets like agriculture, industry, logistics, material, and mining. Best of all, there is a lucrative market in Georgia for energy generation, as it is one of the top producers and users in the US. Georgia has major operations set up for coal, nuclear power, oil and natural gas, as well as hydroelectricity. In recent years, its gas usage has increased and now surpassed its coal and nuclear production.

Georgia is home to some of the top schools anywhere in the country, the most notable including Emory University, the University of Georgia, Georgia Southern University, and Morehouse College. Research schools include the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as Georgia Regents University.

For engineering, the top schools will probably include the Georgia Institute of Technology, Mercer University and University of Georgia. For petroleum engineering schools in Georgia specifically, your best bet may well be Marietta College and Clark Atlanta University.

A petroleum engineer salary in Georgia can be as high as $119,000 a year, which is 14% higher than in most other US states. Project engineers working in Midstream can reportedly make as much as $213,000 a year according to Indeed.

For more information visit a school of your choice and see just how rewarding a career you could have with a solid education.