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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Florida (FL)

As with all of the gulf states, the BP disaster and following moratorium on deep sea drilling has severely impaired the oil industry in Florida. The industry is now looking at South Florida again and China and Cuba are working on a joint drilling project off of Cuba, so it would seem that a new oil boom will be coming to Florida. In the meantime, even now, there is much to do in the way of chemical and mechanical engineering, related topics to Florida petroleum engineering programs.

As a vacation destination, the state of Florida is a large consumer of oil products, especially gas as most people drive to their destinations. Convenience stores are the face of the oil industry in Florida, although there are port facilities to accept crude oil, there is only a nominal refinery and pipeline capacity.

The curtailing of production has reduced the number of petroleum engineering schools in offering courses on oil production. However, there are still many options for students who are determined. A good source of information to start with would be Orlando Sentinel.

Some of the best schools in the state have engineering courses, including the University of Florida, the University of Central Florida, Florida State University and Florida A&M University. The Florida Institute of Technology (FIT, Florida Tech) also offers engineering courses. There are also online colleges that can offer guidance to Florida residents, such as Liberty University, Vista College, Norwich and DeVry. Modern colleges allow you to select your own schedule.

As demand for oil increases, so will pressure to drill offshore again. In the panhandle, the schools will reboot their courses relating to petroleum and various aspects of the career. However, looking at engineering as well as petroleum engineering colleges in Florida, you can find plenty of opportunity within your state.