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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Colorado (CO)

Colorado is a powerhouse of an economy and one that’s only growing. Not only is it known for its beautiful landscapes and natural attractions, but it is also state friendly to business and one that produces a massive GDP at $236 billion. Its main markets are in agriculture, livestock, government agencies, machinery, chemical products and factory production.

In terms of power production, Colorado has seven of the largest natural gas fields in the country, as well as two of the largest oil fields. There is both conventional and unconventional natural gas output, and this is so great it accounts for over 5% of all US natural gas production.

This is also a state that loves higher education. Colorado’s top schools include University of Colorado Boulder, The University of Denver, Colorado Mountain College, and the Colorado School of Mines. There are 25 engineering schools, and engineering is the most important category for students looking for petroleum engineering colleges in Colorado. Some of the best schools for related subjects include the Colorado State University-Fort Collins, as well as the Arapahoe Community College. However, traditional names like the Colorado School of Mines in Golden might still be the best way to go, as they actually have a program in petroleum engineering by name. They have multiple degrees, from a BS to an MS/ME, to a PhD.

The petroleum engineer salary in Colorado is $93,000 per year, slightly less than the average of the US, at a rate of 11% lower. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Colorado is still employing 1,660 petroleum engineers who make an annual mean average of over $144,000. So as you can see it really depends on where you find a job and what skills you can present.

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  • Colorado School of Mines
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