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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in California (CA)

California, like Texas has been a petroleum producing state since the beginning of the oil boom in the United States. It has provided petroleum for a variety of uses from fuel to plastics. It is also a state concerned with conservation and on the cutting edge of training new graduates in how to best extract and manage our petroleum.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California has the third highest employment rate for Petroleum Engineers in the nation. Oil fields in California are still very viable and even with strict environmental codes; a career in Petroleum Engineering is a good option.

Some cities with the highest employment rates include: Los Angeles, Long Beach Glendale and Bakersfield with Bakersfield having the highest concentration of workers employed in the field of Petroleum Engineering.

Top petroleum engineering schools in California for earning degrees in this area include Stanford University. Stanford was ranked second by U.S. News and World Report in 2010 in its Petroleum Engineering Program. Graduates can expect to be courted for employment upon graduation. Stanford also ranks high in diversified studies.

Areas of Petroleum research studies at Stanford University include management of energy industry; geothermal industry, non-Newtonian fluids, oil and gas recover and clean up, pipeline transport, environmental impact concerns, contaminant hydrogeology, and aquatic chemistry.

Students at Stanford have the unique opportunity of being in an area where environment concerns of land and sea are on the cutting edge in petroleum management.

In California, University of Southern California also offers Masters level courses in Petroleum Engineering. The University of Southern California offers two specialty tracks; Geoscience technologies and smart oil field technologies.

With changing ideals around natural resources now is a good time to go back to school and earn a higher degree in petroleum engineering. Being on the cutting edge of use and conservation is a valuable skill that will put you ahead in any oil field.

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  • Stanford University
    Stanford, CA
  • University of Southern California
    Los Angeles, CA