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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Arizona (AZ)

Arizona, the land of sun and cacti and also petroleum. The famous route 66 runs through it and now that petroleum has come to be an important part of all our lives, Arizona is beginning to offer courses to fill the niche of Petroleum Engineer.

Petroleum engineers typically are responsible for identifying potential deposits. Thereafter they develop plans for extraction and implement them overseeing job sights and personnel. It is therefore of great importance to have training in geology and in conservation as well as management and personnel skills.

The Petroleum Engineering Program is a mix of physics, chemistry, geology and mathematics providing the versatility that gives engineer opportunities for employment in the field of petrochemicals and their extraction. There are many petroleum engineering schools in Arizona to choose from including the University of Arizona.

The University of Arizona’s college of Geosciences offers degrees in Petroleum Engineering. With emphasis on Geology as Arizona is a mineral rich state as well as being one whose archeological potential is important to be aware of. Job seekers in the area of Petroleum Engineering will most likely need to deal with archeological stops at some point when working in Arizona so having a working knowledge of procedure is a good thing.

Pima Community College in Tucson Arizona also offers undergrad courses in Petroleum Engineering helpful for getting started in your career or for learning while working on a site if you discover you have an interest.

Petroleum Engineering is a growing field with the potential for economic stability as petroleum is something we all rely on. Statistics from the Department of Labor indicate that those with at least a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering can earn a median petroleum engineer salary in Arizona of $114,080 year and the field is predicted to grow 17 percent by 2020.

According to one source students graduating from petroleum engineering schools in Arizona are going on to earn $10,067 a month and $120,800 a year; a formidable career choice.

  • University Name
  • University of Arizona
    Tucson, AZ
  • Pima Community College
    Tucson, AZ