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Petroleum Engineering Schools & Colleges in Alabama (AL)

Alabama is the Yellowhammer state, and certainly a state that has struggled with economy over the last 200 years. First, they worked through upheaval in the Civil War era, barely recovering from a dependence on 19th century agriculture. The state eventually gained a footing after World War II with a more diversified economy. The state’s top industries today include manufacturing, (particularly automobiles), crops and livestock, aerospace, health care, education and—of particular interest to you—mineral extraction. As of 2008, there were 120,155 employed in construction and mining, gas, and oil extraction.

The top schools in the state are the University of Alabama, the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, Alabama Southern Community College and Faulkner University in Montgomery, among many others. In terms of engineering, there are 24 schools that cater to this study, including Alabama A & M University, Auburn University, Birmingham Southern College, and Tuskegee University.

Unlike many other northeastern states which have related studies to the subject, there are actually a few petroleum engineering colleges in Alabama to look by name. Most notably are the University of Alabama which has a program in petroleum engineering as well as environmental and chemical, and Bevill State Community College, which also offers mineral extraction and petroleum engineering programs.

The petroleum engineer salary in the state can be as high as $106,000 per year, though the actual salary depends on the job and company of employment. For instance, Indeed speculates that engineers make $76,000 but Electrical Instrumentation Engineers make $140,000. Project Engineers Midstreams can make a whopping $190,000 per year on average.

As you can see, this is one of the highest paying professions in any industry, and is growing nationwide. The industry actually has a lucrative and growing market in Alabama as well. Why not change your future and go back to college this year?

  • University Name
  • University of Alabama
    Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Bevill State Community College
    Jasper, AL