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If you want a career that pays well and has job security then you have to choose a profession that is lucrative in and of itself. This is precisely why petroleum engineering is one of the best career fields to break into. Energy is always a commodity because we live in a world that is technology-based, gadget obsessed, and ultra-competitive in terms of market and profit. All of our daily plans depend on energy!

Careers that are related to energy, from creation to storage to transmissions are all on the upswing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career field of petroleum engineering is set to grow 26 percent until 2022, which is faster than the national average for all other careers.

Why the Good News?

It's not just need that causes an increase but also the price of oil, and this is one of the major factors in determining employment growth. When oil prices increase, so does the demand for more operations in oil, as well as the complexity for each project. Oil and gas extraction is very profitable right now, as the need for more power has resulted in drilling operations in less than ideal environments, as well as brand new methods of extraction. The more complexity required means more trained and skilled employees are needed through the world.

You also have to factor in the issue of compliance. In lieu of disasters like the BP oil spill, government regulations are tighter than ever before and this requires more employees to help companies stay in compliance with existing and new legislation related to energy extraction. There is also promise in the avenue of mining.

A Promising Career Awaits You

The news site CNN Money listed petroleum engineering as one of the best career fields in the United States, with an estimated 30,000 jobs outlook. Even when compared to other top paying careers, there is greater promise for a bigger salary in petroleum engineering. Petroleum Engineering colleges are now offering courses exclusively on this career field, and explain all the ends and outs, from landing a high ranking job with a brand name company or even starting your own business and offering your services as a contractor to these brand name companies.

Many of the top grossing performers in this industry are expected to retire as babyboomers reach their 50s and 60s. This is the ideal time for younger and ambitious workers to make a name for themselves. There is also promising activity in the green friendly side of the industry, with environmental contractors and clean energy resources.

If you are serious about a career change then align yourself with an industry that is projected to grow, and more importantly, projected to make a lot of money for its top performing workers. With a starting education from a petroleum engineering degree program at a petroleum engineer school or a college, you can qualify for an entry-level or higher position and get started in a promising career!

What Will You Learn with a Petroleum Engineering Degree?

The question is, what can a degree do for you and what will you learn in a starting course? The first issue to consider is that there is a limited number of accredited petroleum engineering schools offering this program. Therefore, the best career choice is to choose a school considered among the top in the nation, and one that has a curriculum that matches the typical job description.

First and foremost, technical knowledge of the field is a requirement. The field is about the exploration and production of numerous types of petroleum-based hydrocarbons. This includes everything from crude oil, natural gas, and others. Much of what we know scholastically about the field was only recently documented and taught academically, as recently as the early 20th century.

Much of what you will learn to begin with will be strengthening your skills in mechanical, mathematical and scientific subjects. These might include a basic understanding of math, chemistry, physical and geology, which is crucial in understanding and choosing where to drill. The engineering factor will eventually come into play as well, as chemical and civil engineering must be properly understood as they relate to geology and finding natural resources.

Students enrolled in these petroleum engineering colleges will be educated on how to evaluate a site for potential and gas and oil resources. They will also be taught how to drill and oversee drilling operations onsite, not to mention recovery schemes. Understanding advanced equipment and computer systems is a definite requirement, and not only in safety, but in accuracy and efficiency. Today's operations all use advanced computer systems for analysis, simulation and automated drilling. Many of the largest supercomputers in the world are currently involved in the petroleum engineering industry and with good reason, as this is a very delicate science and one that must be understood and executed perfectly to avoid serious complications.

Your job duties upon hiring will include testing, creating and installing methods for extraction, not only from land sites but even under the ocean. Choosing the right dig site should be taught in the curriculum, as well as how to set up this advanced machinery. Petroleum engineer schools should also explain all steps of the extraction and removal process, as well as communication skills and terminology since collaboration is always an important factor in an efficient operation.

Sometimes you may use or even help improve computer software responsible for operating large machines. You manually operate machines when drilling and must ensure that the software being used is effectively matching the physical side of drilling and extraction.

Mathematics certainly play into the career field, as a thorough financial analysis must be performed well in advance of the project's beginning since every second means money. The financial value of a site and presumed resources must be determined to see if the operation is justified or a waste of time and money, not to mention equipment and the earth itself. This requires expert financial analysis and the ability to organize paperwork and data entry.

Lastly, be prepared to travel frequently, as you may leave the country many times a year, depending on the unique focus of each company. The lifestyle of petroleum engineering is also taught in addition to the practice.

The Best Petroleum Engineering Schools

If you are interested in pursuing an online petroleum engineering degree in the comfort of your own home, then it is essential to choose a school with a quality reputation. Consider the top choices for engineering schools in the United States.

Petroleum Engineering Schools in USA:

Now is your chance to change your career and thus improve the quality of your life! Imagine being able to be financially secure, with a steady job even in an uneven economy. You can also travel the world and see exotic places as a part of the job description, all expenses paid!

All it takes to get started is taking a step forward in educating yourself and proving your commitment to success. Look up local colleges or better yet try online petroleum engineering schools so you can create your own schedule.

Your future awaits!